sBot the Robot

My ongoing project to create a voice activated home security and automation robot continues with sBot v2.0. The head in the above picture was a good place to start, but limited some of the features of OpenCV for object and facial recognition. v2.0 is planned to upgrade the brain from a raspberry pi to an old Mac Mini I found for fifty bucks at a pawn shop. This makes voice recognition local and much quicker. In 2018, sBot has been back-burnered so that I can work on...

Yoda Head!!

My coworker got a small Yoda head for Christmas that sits on his desk. When you push a button on Yoda's chest, he moves his face and almost unintelligibly says a few Yoda lines. In a flash of light I had a great idea! What if I could make Yoda say the things I want Yoda to say instead! The past 3 months (1st quarter 2018) I was able to fit in a Raspberry Pi Zero W into his head. After a few problems along the way, I added an h-bridge, audio amplifier, solder together an audio filter and 3d printed a braket to hold all the stuff in is head... Program in a Python HTTP server to host a local webpage to fire BASH scripts to operate the motors and play prerecorded Yoda sounds (me doing bad Yoda impressions)... all configured through work's wifi.

This has been done and it was a great prank to play! Video is pending, but will be in the blog soon. I'll post some links here once it's done.