I have experience programming in a very diverse range of operating system, languages and platforms through many of my most recent years.

I decided to attempt to show some of the things I've accomplished by putting together some screencasts and offer some samples of documentation without divulging private company information of present employers. I hope this format allows an impression of my day-to-day working environments and how I solve problems.

I have listed information chronologically starting with current times and working back.

2013-2018 :: Ewing Irrigation

This time period I worked for Ewing Irrigation's corporate office located in Phoenix. I started working in an IBM iSeries shop about 6 years ago as a PHP developer. One of my first tasks was to get a crash course in some of the IBM native languages and their OS. I had begun making DB2 stored procedures and SQLRPGLE programs within the first month. Luckily, I'm a quick study.

Videos && Documents:

Project Services CSM Rebuild
In 2017, I rebuilt Ewing's Project Services CSM used for translating blueprints to sales orders.

Epicor Prophet 21
Today we are taking on the arduous task of migrating and interoperating our legacy system with an out-of-the-box ERP solution.

ZendCon Interview
On the spot interview with my friends as Zend. Andi Gutmans sent me a big ElePHPant when I got back. Thanks Andy!

Tasked to build the MDB application and a REST API for data flow (video pending).

REST API User Guide

REST API User Guide

Marketing DB / Bronto API
Bronto API interaction using DB2 HTTPPOSTGLOB() method to go straight from database to service (video pending).

PHP Quotes Overview
I rebuilt the online quoting system moving it from the CGIDEV2 version of RPG running on the iSeries servers to a PHP and DB2 version.

Ecommerce Overview
This is Ewing's video to show an overview of the E-commerce choices that Ewing has decided to go with.

2012-2013 :: Greenback Advertising

This was my first job where I started to use and hone my skills as a Linux Administrator. I was the sole programmer and administrator for the company and was required to succeed. Along with web development, augmented reality was in its infancy and the owner pushed us to develop this cutting edge technology.


Augmented Reality Demo
I filmed my step-daughter and some of her friends trying out the augmented reality project with a fairy that lands on their CV tracked hand.

Augmented Reality Building
Short video of working with the software to get it to reliably track a hand.

Augmented Reality Hats && Helmets
Another demo video put out by the company showing some of the augmented reality applications we had been working on.

LifeLock Augmented Reality
Proof of concept to sell augmented reality to the LifeLock company. This shows a 3D animation of the LifeLock robot on a test marker.

Personal Programming

I have so many projects on the docket I had to create my own private wiki to keep everything organized. My newest project that takes the most time these days would be rebuilding a 1991 Chevy Blazer named The Beast. Here's some select information about a few of these projects, pieces of a project, or problem solutions.

  • SQL Gymnastics
    • CTE (DB2/PostGres) pivot to get data from multiple tables
    • Looping and collecting data using generated date spans in MySQL, PostGres, and DB2
  • My Blog
  • Homekeeper :: record-keeping prototype
  • Python Website
  • Yoda Hack
  • Text service for AZtheft
  • sBot
  • The Beast
  • Chromecast UPNP

This was the type of computer I first programmed on when I was 8 years old. Back in the days when a hole-punch could double your disk space, the original flippy-floppy.