3D Printing

Long story short... I gave my little dog a car ride and at some point she decided to throw up in my power window and lock buttons. All in the buttons. Disgusting. I tore apart my door panel to clean the barf and one of the rocker switches broke. Recently printing a servo part at my local hackerspace @heatsynclabs in Mesa, I decided to buy my own printer. That way I can print out small plastic things like this switch instead of giving GM $40 for one. Yikes.

Visit the blog to see more stories, trials, errors and successes about 3D printing.

Blender 3D

I normally don't get to play with 3d too much, but sometime in the future I will put together some blog posts on what I have figured out along the way. I started in 3d stuff when I worked for an ad agency in Tempe. They needed some work done in Maya for augmented reality. I really liked working in 3d although I did not really understand much. I eventually got laid off from that job but still wanted to work with 3d. Without my $2500 program to play around with, I started searching for a different alternative. I found Blender 3D - it's amazing!! Especially for the price.

I followed some tutorials and got this glass that you see here. I also made it into an animation where the glass falls and breaks on the ground. It was pretty snazzy! I also learned how to connect all of my computers together to render quicker using the LuxRender render engine which has a network server that can listen on your other IPs and share the rendering work. This was back when I had 3 old computer, how I have like 7 old computers!! My next renderings will probably only take hours instead of days! hooray!