Welcome to FreddyThunder.com

Here I am at website version 7.0 or so... I went more simple this time, see if I can spend more time on the clutter content that I want to present. I have spent a lot of time on my websites in the past working on trying to get my site to do spectacular things! And then I get busy, all the browsers change, we update to HTML5 and then next thing you know, kaput. As a website designer, I know the importance of making sure your site gets maintained and kept up to date. Do you have a website? Do you need any help with it? Click the contact link on the top and let me know - maybe I can help you!

What kind of wonderful stuff will I find here?

Funny you should ask! I consider myself a non-conformist idiot savant. Jack of all trades - master of none. I have dabbled with all sorts of things and have grown very proficient to the points I can call them skills.

The Beast

Computer Programmer

Currently working as a Senior Programmer for an IBM shop in Phoenix. I have learned many languages and operation systems with a strong leaning towards Linux and open-source. Occasionally, I'll create some tutorials and how-tos and put them on my blog.

Video Producer

Through the years, The comedian that lives in the back of my mind puts together some rather entertaining stuff. Some of it's weird, I know, but usually pretty funny. I've recently been thinking of doing an ongoing project with my wife called Saturday News Live. This format would allow me to deliver some of the astounding news found on slow news days, poke fun at the media itself, and sprinkle in my sketch comedy in a low-budget, but still visually accepting way.


Years ago, I would play guitar, keyboards and sing at a few bars in the Phoenix area. Mostly at the original McDuffy's Sports Bar patio, but also places like Cooperstown and the Phoenix Film Festival. My sound equipment has seemed to gotten heavier through the years, so I will mostly play at home. I have ideas of creating some guitar tutorials for YouTube.


My ongoing project, sBot, gets some attention every once in a while. I've learned that engineering is a lot harder than I thought, but with the 3D printer I recently purchased, parts are a lot easier to come by.


Back around the year 2000, I wrote a book about the frustrations of the restaurant and bar industry. Although it did not get very popular, I had some wonderful memories promoting the book as far as Minnesota! The book was a challenge I needed to overcome because someone told me "You can't write a book."

3D Printing

My most recent coup d'├ętat was getting a Monoprice mini 3D printer. Not sure if I got really lucky, or it's not as hard as I read before, but I've found a workflow that allows me to design and print with great success. I will be making an end-to-end tutorial for the YouTube soon.